Driver Toshiba Satellite C840 Windows 7

Driver Toshiba Satellite C840

We compare at least three on toshiba Satellite C840 Model. It has different specification on C840 model.

     General Specification Toshiba C840 Model

    Detail Specification
    ModelC840-1029 / C840-1033/C840-1038
    PlatformLaptop PC
    ChipsetIntel Chipset
    ProcessorIntel Pentium B960/ Intel Core i3-2348M
    Memory2GB DDR3 SODIMM (Double Slot Max8GB)
    VGA TypeIntel HD Graphic
    Hardisk Drive320 / 500GB
    DisplayLED Technology 14'
    OthersWireless, HDMI, LAN Card, Camera, Card reader, Bluetooth/ DVD RW/

    Toshiba site have not release yet driver for windows 8 C840 Model. But this series can be installed using Windows 8.

    Driver Support and Compatible to
    • Satellite C840-1030
    • Satellite C840-1031
    • Satellite C840-1031R
    • Satellite C840-1001R
    • Satellite C840-1004X  [AMD Radeon™ HD 7610M]**
    • Satellite C840-1002
    • Satellite C840-1004XR  [AMD Radeon™ HD 7610M]**
    • Satellite C840-1003
    • Satellite C840-1001
    • Satellite C840-1002R
    • Satellite C840-1005
    • Satellite C840-1003R
    • Satellite C840-1012XR [AMD Radeon™ HD 7610M]**
    • Satellite C840-1011
    • Satellite C840-1013X
    • Satellite C840-1007X  [AMD Radeon™ HD 7610M]**
    • Satellite C840-1014X  [AMD Radeon™ HD 7610M]**
    • Satellite C840-1025R
    • Satellite C840-1027X  [AMD Radeon™ HD 7610M]**
    • Satellite C840-1027XR [AMD Radeon™ HD 7610M]**
    • Satellite C840-1008R
    • Satellite C840-1009
    • Satellite C840-1009R

    Driver Compatible for Windows 8 and Windows 7 Toshiba C840

    Chipset Driver
    Intel Chipset Driver. size 5 MB    

    Intel VGA  Driver
    Two types of VGA driver toshiba Satellite C640 Model
    1. Intel®HD Graphics 4000. size 75.18 MB    
    Download for Windows 7 32Bit
    Download for Windows 7 64Bit

    2. [AMD Radeon™ HD 7610M] **
    Download For Windows 7 32Bit
    Download For Windows 7 64Bit

    Wireless LAN  Win7 32Bit
    1. Realtek Wireless LAN Driver 18MB.   Download
    2. Intel Wireless LAN Driver 7MB. Download
    3. Atheros Wireless LAN Driver  29MB. Download 

    Wireless LAN  Win7 64Bit
    1. Realtek Wireless LAN Driver 18MB.   Download
    2. Intel Wireless LAN Driver 8MB. Download
    3. Atheros Wireless LAN Driver  29MB. Download 

    LAN Driver
    Atheros LAN Driver for Win7 32Bit 7MB. Download
    Atheros LAN Driver for Win7 64Bit Bit 7MB. Download

    Web Camera
    TOSHIBA Web Camera Application. size 86 MB    

    Touch Pad
    Synaptics Touch Pad Driver. size 98 MB    

    Audio Driver for Toshiba C840 Model
    1. Conexant Audio Driver. size 69 MB    

    2. TOSHIBA Audio Enhancement. size 5 MB    

    Bluetooth Driver
    1. Atheros Bluetooth Filter Driver. size 53.33 MB    

    2. Realtek Bluetooth Filter Driver Package. size 24 MB    

    USB 3.0 Driver
    Intel USB 3.0 Driver. size 7 MB    

    Important Note:
    Driver Toshiba Satellite C640 model will be installed automatically by using Windows 8. You need not instal drivers after finishing instal Windows 8

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    1. Thank you Guys.. It helps me..

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      1. coba instal windows 8.1 mas, driver sdh langsung terinstal semua..

    3. untuk usb dan bluetootnya tidak ada ket 32/46 bitt itusuport ke dua-duanya ya ??